Do you take everything away?

We can take away any amount of woodchip that you require. However many of our customers now keep the chippings for future use on the garden as mulch – ideal for keeping weeds out and moisture in. This depends on the type of chip and its intended use. Various trees when chipped are unsuitable for garden use. However, we can advise you of the suitability of your woodchips. Firewood is now being viewed as a more and more valuable source of heating. All timber is cut to the size of your specifcation. Although, for those without a fire place, all wood can be removed from site.

When is the best time of year to have work done to my trees and hedges?

It is recommended that trees are worked on after leaf has fallen and before bud burst. This however is not true for all species, we would advise you when and how it is best to carry out work in order to ensure the best interests of your trees. Some examples of trees requiring work at other times are Cherry, Plum and related trees (Prunus species). Most common species of hedges can be cut any time of the year.

Do I need permission?

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO): A TPO is legal order made by the District Council as Local Planning Authority (LPA) which makes it an offence to prune, fell or willfully damage a tree covered by the order without the Authority’s consent. If a tree is covered by a TPO, it requires a formal application to the relevant authority. The council then has 8 weeks to process the application and make its decision. The fines for carrying out work to a protected tree are severe and can be up to £20,000, so it is always best to check if a tree is protected.

Conservation Area. All trees in Conservation Areas are protected except those less than 7.5cms in diameter (measured 1.5m above the ground). The Local Planning Authority must be formally notified of any proposed work and it has 6 weeks in which to consider the proposal.

Saunders Tree Contractors offer the service of making an application on your behalf at no extra cost.

“Did a professional and efficient job. Recommended.”

Gary Mcghee – Attleborough

“Great job, it looks so much brighter and can now get on with getting the back garden in to easy to manage and maintain.”

Sue Ellis – Earsham

“Made an application for me on my tree that's in a conservation area, and did a great job.”

Lynne Gomer – Shotesham

“Very efficient and safe. They dealt with a difficult tree and made an excellent job of it.”

Paul Fitzgerald – Saint Margaret

“Did a great job and ensured the site was tidy afterwards. Cheers!”

Clare Richardson – Bungay

“My trees weren't in great health. Now they're no longer a risk of falling down, so thank you!”

The Wileymans – Stoke Holy Cross

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