Bungay, Nethergate St.

This large willow tree had previously been pollarded a long time ago. The new branches that grow from a pollard have a weaker union with the main stem. If these branches are left to grow into large limbs, then they are prone to breaking off, especially in brittle species like willow, poplar & sycamore.

willow 1
Cherry Picker

The characteristics of this tree made it unsafe to climb. The long leading branches were overhanging the house, phone lines & a low voltage electricity cable. Using our cherry picker was the only method to ensure no damage could be caused to either of these.

willow 2.2 willow 2

New Lease of Life

The size of this tree and proximity to the house meant it blocked the sunlight for large portions of every day. The heavy reduction will allow light into the house and the garden to no longer be in the shadows.

willow 3 willow 5