Here at STC LTD we can provide you with a comprehensive range of high standard services throughout Norfolk & Suffolk.

Examples of how we can help you:


Crown Reduction
Crown Thinning
Crown Lift
Tree Surveying
Hedge Cutting


Precision Felling
Sectional Removal
Storm Damage
Stump Removal
Stump Treatment
Timber Extraction
Forestry Management


Scrub Clearance
Tree and Shrub Planting
Boundary Management
Grounds Maintenance

Domestic Tree Work

Our teams are dedicated to carrying out work to a high standard and provide customer satisfaction. STC Ltd offers a full range of services that caters to all needs of domestic and residential clients. We have many years of experience in this environment, taking pride in our professional and reliable approach. We will ensure that every care is taken when on your property.

As well as all tree related work, we offer a range of landscaping services, which can tame overgrown gardens and unwanted vegetation, enhancing your garden to its full potential.

All worksites act in accordance with our policy of being environmentally responsible

Our public liability insurance is £10,000,000.

Every staff member adheres fully to a Site Specific Risk Assessment and our company Safety Method Statements.

Commercial Tree Work

STC Ltd provides the business sector a full range of Arboricultural & Forestry Services, to maintain and enhance trees and hedges to the highest standards using the latest methods.

We will work with you to create a scope of works that produces maximum efficiency and minimum disruption.

STC Ltd offers forestry management and land clearance of trees and scrubland.
Specialist equipment, such as flail shredders, digger fed woodchippers and access platforms are used for safety and efficency. Individual building plots and large development sites can be cleared and landscaped for builders and developers.

Our fleet of vehicles and plant offer solutions for work that is beyond manpower alone.
Examples of this are our 4X4 Unimogs with 12metre access platform and our long reach 7.2metre flail hedge cutter.

STC Ltd adheres to all current Health & Safety standards, and meets or exceeds the essential needs of insurance and certification in our industry.

Work is undertaken in accordance with a Site Specific Risk Assessment and company Safety Method Statements. For details please see About.

Utility Arboriculture and Public Body tree work

All aspects of tree work, from small scale to large scale, are carefully planned and completed to a high standard in a professional and safe environment.

STC Ltd has a long history of tree and vegetation management around overhead power lines up to 132kv. Having worked closely with one of the large power companies for many years, this has provided us with the experience of an extensive range of tree management, including creating solutions to a wide variety of promblematic and dangerous trees.

If you are a public body, or similar, e.g Local Authority, Environment Agency, Highways Authority and would like a quote for an individual job or discuss a longer term contract please Contact us.

Specialist Equipment

No matter what the size of the task may be, we are able to quickly and efficiently undertake works that are beyond man power alone. Our specialist equipment makes the job safe, efficient and cost effective.
MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)

The recognised standard of being the safest way to work at height. Our 12m platform allows us to carry out work that cannot be undertaken using tree climbing techniques. This includes dead or diseased trees that are not safe to climb & work on trees that are in or around phone lines and overhead power lines.

Long Reach 7.2m Flail Hedge Cutter

Our 4×4 Unimog U1600 has the ability to access all types of terrain. This combined¬† with a 7.2m extension enables it to cut wide and hard to reach hedges. A cutting capacity of up to 60mm makes light work of Large, overgrown and dense hedges.

Digger fed 10″ PTO Wood Chipper

Land clearance and large tree removal is highly labour intensive using man power. This equipment allows us to process a high volume of brash and timber in a much quicker and efficient manner. Alongside a high capacity tipper, 6 tonnes of wood chip or timber can be removed at a time.

Quad Bike

For the work sites that vehicles cannot access. Back gardens, woodlands and marshlands are just some of the areas where this excels. Being narrow allows it through tight spaces and it’s light weight frame means it can cross soft terrain without damaging it.

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