St Margaret South Elmham.

This small village is the latest place to be hit by a nationwide problem, a number of Ash trees have been identified to be suffering from Chalara die back (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus). Large & heavy branches overhanging a shed & a parking space for a caravan caused enough concern for this customer to give us a call.

St M 1

Pre-emptive action

Although there were no obvious signs of Chalara die back in this particular tree, pre-emptive action was requested because of the disease’s high rate of infection & especially destructive effects on common or European ash.

St M 2St M 4

Controlled Lowering Techniques

A rigging line was installed to lower the larger sections of the tree that were over the shed. Using this technique guarantees full control, a necessity in confined spaces.

St M 5

Sectional Removal

There is almost always not enough space to straight fell a tree in villages and towns. Climbing the tree and bringing it down in small sections ensures the safety of the surrounding property. These are the finishing touches to dismantling the Ash tree. Removing a safety risk & producing over a ton of firewood for another satisfied customer

St M 6